Indian Rural Medical Council Delhi, is dedicated to improve the rural health system and devoted to provide easily accessible of medical facilities to the each and every needy person of the rural area all over India, we are providing training of Diploma Community Medical Services & Essential Drugs (CMS & ED ) under the guidelines of W.H.O., UNICEF, AND GOVT. OF INDIA, through its institutional member/ centers to the un trained persons of rural areas of the India And providing first aid and advice through Its, “first aid provider and primary health advisor centers”.


The council is giving authority to its institutional members/ center for running training programs for Diploma in Community medical Services & Essential Drugs (CMS & ED) under the guidelines of W.H.O. , UNICEF , AND GOVT. OF INDIA so as the maximum untrained persons may get training from its institutional members/centers and may provide first aid and advice in rural areas .


The Indian Rural Medical Council Delhi is giving registration certificates by registering a woman / man holding a diploma / certificate in the field of first aid/ community medical services & Essential Drugs from any recognized institutions. After successful registration the council issues registration certificate and id card to the first aid provider/ to provide first aid in their concern areas.


The registered first aid provider will also be called as primary health advisor and will provide primary health advise to the general peoples in their concern areas.


The registered first aid provider may start a center in their locality to provide first aid as well as primary health advisor to improve the health system and save the lives of the rural general peoples. The first aid provider will ensure his/her availability at the center all the time, so as the general public may call him/her at earliest to provide the first aid to the needy person.
We will also provides details (data) of registered first aid provider / primary health advisor for employment to government / non-government institutions working in the health sector so that the said institutions can employ the above trained people In future. To encourage and organize remote training / training, seminar, workshop to increase the immunity of rural people and encourage them by giving necessary material to increase immunity so that first aid in rural health-care can be improved.